High Five 3D! – All you do is make friends

High Five 3D! (by MadKnight Studio) may just be the friendliest game we’ve played in years! Set on a winding 3D path, your mission in this game is to high five people. That’s it. 😂

So friendly! 🥰

Positioned at set intervals along the winding 3D path your player slowly jugs down, your mission in this game is to adjust the height of your player’s hands in order to high five people as you slowly make your way to the end of the road.

As you progress from one level to the next the number of people for you to potentially high five increases, along with the length of the road on which your player so happily jogs down.

If you wondered why we used the word “potentially” in the sentence above, the reason is that you don’t actually need to high five everyone your player comes into contact with in order to win this game.

You can choose to ignore some – or even all – of the lovely people waiting to high five you as you jog your way to the finish line – although this will mean that you won’t be able to charge “Fever Mode” which makes playing the game a little easier.

If you’re in for a new game that mostly revolves around kindness, this is a game you are probably going to like. No guns, no violence. Just high fives. 🖐

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