Soap Cutting – I’m sorry but this didn’t need to be a game…

Soap Cutting (by Crazy Labs) is a game that really didn’t need to exist. Seriously, if you think we are being overly strict with this game, just keep reading, or better still, watch the gameplay video below! We are pretty confident you’ll agree with us by the end of this review…

In case you weren’t aware, posting videos of yourself cutting soap is a thing right now. For instance, this strangely satisfying compilation video of people cutting soap has raked in almost 9 million views on youtube which is insane.

So it’s a trend. Cool, but did it really need to be a game…?

Soap Cutting is literally a game about swiping up and down on the screen of your device in order to cut a piece of soap and enjoy the satisfying ASMR sound effects it makes through your headphones. 😂

Personally, we find the fact that this thing we call a game even exists hilarious! It reminds us of that time Ketchapp made a Fidget Spinner game back when those were all the rage.

If asked whether or not this game is worth downloading we would have to say no.

Although the fact that this game even exists is very funny, the fun and jokes kind of end there. In terms of gameplay, Soap Cutting is literally a barebones simulation game about cutting soap we really don’t see anyone playing for longer than 5 minutes.

*Also, as you may be able to tell from our gameplay video, the game seems to glitch out and stop you from being able to cut once you reach around level 4 or 5 which is a bug we expect will be fixed within the next few updates but is still broken at the moment.

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