Press Release

Taravana – a dystopian multiplayer rogue-lite set in unwelcoming ocean depths

Taravana is a multiplayer rogue-lite game set in a dystopian underwater world where land is no longer inhabited due to a Cataclysm of extraterrestrial origin. Whether it was a collapsed spaceship or a giant asteroid — no one really knows nor cares. All possible disasters happened at once: the most powerful tectonic shifts, volcanic eruptions, the complete destruction of the ozone layer, and the most severe radiation burst on the surface. Heaven knows if land exists at all…

You start out on the Base — a massive orbital space station that has found its new home in the waters of the dark ocean. Even though it remained partly intact after de-orbiting and crashing into the ocean, it lost the ability to move and became a new home for the survivors of the Cataclysm. Your character is one of the divers who is forced to scavenge the dismal waterworld to keep the Base operational.  

Your life depends on your “ichtis”, a polymeric diving suit that is designed to sustain the dangers of the undersea. Сraft items and equipment to gain a tactical advantage, survive the deadly hazards and savage enemies while searching for valuable technology and resources in hundreds of unique locations. 

Learn the secrets of this treacherous world and find its lost treasures to acquire improved “ichtis” suits powered by robotic exoskeletons, and turn yourself into an indestructible fighting machine. Maybe one day you will be the one to lead mankind to its rise — or perish trying.

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