Bubble Tea! – Way harder than it looks…

Bubble Tea (by Dual Cat) both looks and feels like a kids game until you’ve played through a few levels and get asked to mix just enough blue and yellow tea in order to make a particular shade of green tea…

With a vibrant and colorful 2D design, saying that Bubble Tea starts out “pretty” simple would be a gross understatement.

Starting out with a whopping one button for you to press in order to fill up a plastic cup with tea, Bubble Tea slowly adds options such as Bubbles, Ice, Different shaped bubbles, different colored bubbles, different colored tea, and finally different blends of all the above you will need to get near perfect in order to move on to the next level. WOW!

If you think all this sounds easy, you really need to check out our gameplay video above, because when you are under time pressure on a boss level, people can even forget how to make the color green… 😂

Although the game is by no means easy, it also isn’t overly difficult once you get the hang of things which is nice – just hard enough to be challenging.

If you saw this game’s screenshots and thought to yourself “This game is too childish for me!”, perhaps you should give Bubble Tea another look because put under time pressure and you may forget how to make the color light green too. 😅

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