Rope Rescue! Review: Put your logic to the test…

Rope Rescue! (by Coda Platform) is basically a game about common sense. The game is all about logically figuring out how to string up a zip line people can slide down without dying which – surprise surprise, isn’t easy! 😅

The game features band saws, lasers, mines, and likely much more we have yet to experience, so good luck getting to the end. 😂

Gameplay Video 👇👇

One slightly morbid thing we discovered was that you can’t always save everyone on every level. Sometimes you have to let 1 or 2 people die in order to complete the level you are on… 😭

Perhaps the sacrifices you are required to make would feel harder if the people in Rope Rescue! didn’t look like the stick figures you see on the door of every public toilet ever. 🚻

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