Pilot Royale Review: Fun to play… but why?

Pilot Royale (by Ketchapp) may just be the best-made underwhelming game for iOS and Android we’ve seen in maybe forever… 😂

Played in an abundance of different 3D locations, Pilot Royale is all about shooting your opponents out of the sky using guns and rockets which can be fired by keeping your sights on one of your opponents for a short amount of time. Pretty simple.

Gameplay Video 👇👇

Although the game looks great on video, the overall gameplay experience isn’t exactly great considering how simple and easy the mechanics are. Although it could just be that we are missing something we shouldn’t be, we still aren’t fully sure what the rules are other than “Take out as many opponents as possible” which is pretty obvious. 😅

We’re guessing the game is probably actually still kind-of in beta (seeing as it isn’t available on Android yet) so we are looking forward to seeing what this game turns into.

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