Flip Runner Review: If cringe content was a game…

Flip Runner (by MotionVolt Games) is a cringe-worthy parkour-style flipping runner game(?) for iOS and Android. Set in a hyper-realistic 3D city, this game is all about flipping from one platform to the next like a true YouTube daredevil. 😱

The only problem? Your character’s movements are as stiff as anything! 😂

This naturally makes playing the game feel super awkward which (if you haven’t guessed by this point) results in some very cringe-worthy failures… Even when you manage to successfully land a backflip, your player lands with about as much grace as a robot made by Boston Dynamics. 😂

Gameplay Video 👇👇

Assuming your life isn’t already overflowing with “cringe” such as friends, family members, yourself when that really hot guy walks in, etc. perhaps you’ll want to take a look at Flip Runner. At least it’s a different type of cringe. 😅

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