Ultimate Gamer Quiz – You need a different set of skills to clear this game

Ultimate Gamer Quiz (by Mataki Tech) is a game we recently featured in our Developer Spotlight series here on Edamame Reviews. After talking with the developer about this brand new quiz game designed for gamers we naturally decided to give it a try – and you know what? It’s actually kind of hard.

Featuring a fairly simple gameplay mechanic, the game starts out by showing you a picture of a game and it is your job to type out the name of the game into a given number of spaces. For people who have done their homework – i.e. played games outside of one particular genre you happen to really like – this game probably isn’t all that difficult. But for those who haven’t, you are going to have trouble making it past level one!

Although the limited number of letter tiles and pre-defined title length make guessing the names of games you think you’ve seen before but don’t fully remember a little easier, sometimes you’ll get hit with a question you simply can’t answer which is where the coins in this game actually come in handy. Buying hints is something you are going to have to get used to…

When the developer said to always multiply your coins at the end of a level, he definitely wasn’t joking.

If you have a long history of gaming and have played a wide range of different games ranging from Asteroids to Overwatch, this is a game you may just want to try out. Who knows, you may just discover a new talent you didn’t know you had?

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