Press Release

igamebank® launches its first mobile e-sports app, 2 Minute Football 

The beloved classic web game returns just in time for the biggest football event of the year, now enabling players to compete for real-world prizes. 

Naperville, IL ⁠— 1/30/2020: Calling all amateur football players, living-room superfans, and lovers of football from afar: can’t wait for the big game but wish you could trade the commercials for even more action? Fear not⁠—igamebank® has brought classic web game 2 Minute Football to the palm of your hand and paired it a tournament structure so you can real-world prizes as you rise to the top of the ranks. Always wanted to be a star QB? Now’s your chance⁠—just tap to toss the ball to your teammates and outrun your opponent all the way to the endzone. 

2 Minute Football began as a web game in 1998 and steadily rose to popularity on It was played hundreds of millions of times over the 14 years it was available on the web. 2 Minute Football keeps it simple. Even if you don’t understand football in the least, 2MF is easy to grasp, fast-paced, and fun to play. This game is made for everyone. Play football anywhere in just 2 minutes! 

Creator Bob Williams says, “One of my favorite things to do as a developer is to figure out what the essence of a game iswhat makes it truly fun, then build from that in a simple, accessible way. 2 Minute Football was born out of that same desire. It’s football anyone can play anytime, anywhere, and people are already having a great time with it. I am so happy to be able to bring this game back to life and share it with a whole new audience. You get to be the franchise QB, one of the most coveted roles in sports. What’s more fun and essential to football than completing touchdowns?”

2 Minute Football for iOS retains the same fun look and features offense-only gameplay where you must score as many touchdowns in two minutes as you can. Your score is based not only on the number of touchdowns, but things like consecutive catches, first downs, yards after catch, and hail mary completions. Level up and compete against your friends to win real-world prizes. Put on your game face and get on the field! 

2 Minute Football is available now on the iOS App Store.

RMW Media Integration/igamebank®