Physics Puzzle Idle – Satisfying for a bit

Physics Puzzle Idle (by Gismart) is a satisfying idle “Rube Goldberg Machine” style game that mostly revolves around watching and waiting for something to happen. And when we say watching and waiting for something to happen we really mean it – this game is in desperate need of an update.

At the time of writing Physics Puzzle Idle has a grand total of 4 elements you can add to your satisfying Rube Goldberg Machine – one of which you are given at the very start of the game so technically only 3 unlockable elements.

As reviewers, we play a lot of unfinished games and have experienced games that just don’t seem to have enough “gameplay” to be considered fun. Usually, the solution to these problems is quite simple, add more gameplay!

But in the case of Physics Puzzle Idle perhaps this wasn’t an option? We don’t know, but as it stands the elements for you to add to your satisfying machine are priced in such a way that you will be playing this game literally for days without unlocking a single new element. It is almost as though the developers tried to stretch out the game’s gameplay for as long as possible without adding content, which is ridiculous.

To make matters worse, the game’s UI is plagued with popups prompting users to watch an Ad to double their coins or speed up the number of balls traveling through the machine for a set amount of time. We understand that developers need to make money too, but you’ve got to admit it doesn’t help the game look more appealing…

Although we had a lot of bad to say about this game, assuming it is updated you’ve got to admit a massive idle Rube Goldberg Machine would actually look pretty cool, and since the developers of Physics Puzzle Idle have managed to make a game that looks ok with only 4 elements, just imagine what they could do with 8, 12, or even 16?

Hopefully, the future is bright for this game because it actually has quite some potential.

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