WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator: Are we living in this game?

As a boy, Bill Gates is said to have practiced his strategic genius by playing a strategy war game. If Gates were still a 12-year-old in 2020, WorldBox is the type of game he would probably scream, shout, and beg for his mom to buy him for Christmas.

…thankfully games have also come a long way since Gates was a child and there is now such a thing as “Free to Play” games. WorldBox is one of those games so begging your mom for money shouldn’t be necessary. 😂

Getting back to the review, the game offers an entire world simulation in which every human has its own personality and attributes, one person may travel far from home to start his/her own new state while another ambitious village may declare independence from its capital state.

In this game, every nation continues to evolve, striving to become a better, more powerful (if not the most powerful) nation on the map.

As each nation expands its territory, new resources and materials will be discovered, allowing that nation to boost its technology and create better structures – as well as increasingly powerful weapons of war…

As nations expand their territory, and their borders begin to creep ever closer toward one another, the soldiers of neighboring nations will begin to encounter one another, and before long, war breaks out. 🔥

Both sides will try to invade the other, while simultaneously trying to defend their own borders. These battles between nations can last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes or even longer. Sometimes there are war fronts that rage on for hours at a time – trust me, I’m bored.

As interesting as watching a simulation can be, the developer has implemented hundreds of tools ranging all the way from grenades to dragons to trees to plagues to bowling balls, all of which allow you to take part in what goes on down there in your simulated reality.

But unfortunately for some, not all of these items are free. To unlock the most game-changing items in the game, you will either have to watch an Ad in order to unlock a random item or spend AU$12.99 to gain access to every item in the game.

While playing the free version, we found ourselves repeatedly watching Ads over and over in hopes of unlocking that one item we wanted. But with the odds stacked against us, the chances of actually getting that one coveted item never really got that much better. 😅

Being the type of person that hates watching ads and a die-hard fan of this game, I would personally recommend just buying the full version and enjoying what this game really has to offer. The sheer number of tools this game features makes it the only true “everything-game” I have ever played and I love it.

Overall I think history lovers will enjoy this game due to the fact that you can create history as well as study it in action – and maybe, just sometimes, lend a helping hand of God! 😂

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