Traffic Jump! Review – A game you don’t want to play in VR

Traffic Jump (by h8games) is a simple game for iPhones you’ve probably never heard of – which is basically why we are telling you about it. From the creator of the mega-hit game Helix Jump which was later published by Voodoo, Traffic Jump is basically that killer iPhone game you didn’t know about.

Set on the busy highway of a crowded city, your mission in this game is to run and jump from the roof of one moving vehicle to the next. The concept is simple and the controls are just as easy to learn; simply touch and drag on the screen of your device in order to move left and right, and release in order to jump.

One thing that makes the game really special though is the fact that the game is played in glorious FPV (first-person view) which is arguably the closest thing you can get to making a game feel like real life on mobile.

…assuming you don’t count “slightly” successful attempts such as Google Cardboard, along with some less notable others…

Overall, the game feels a lot like something you would expect to see from Voodoo, minus all the ads and a few additional features you could expect to see in a game published by one of the App Store’s top publishers. Which makes sense since h8games actually developed a lot of Voodoo’s most popular titles.

If you’re the type of player who actually enjoys those jump scares you get when you suddenly die in a video game, Traffic Jump is a game you are probably going to enjoy 😂

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