Row Row – Not getting stuck is easier said than done…

Row Row (by Part Time Monke) is the sort of game you can’t fully decide whether or not you love or hate.

At times playing this game feels great – such as when you recklessly make your way down a violent winter river, jumping over logs and dodging large boulders! Yet at other times, this game feels like a torture device – like when you get stuck on a rock right before the finish line…

Although we still aren’t fully sure whether or not we actually like this game, it definitely looks nice! Set in a low-poly-ish 3D world, your mission in this game is to make your way down a violent river all the way to the finish line without getting stuck on any of the many obstacles you will be faced with along the way.

The first thing we noticed after first starting Row Row was just how horrible the controls are by default. The default settings in this game make your player/boat move to the left when you tap on the right and move to the right when you tap on the left.

Perhaps we are the odd ones out, but for us, these controls felt so horribly unintuitive the very first thing we did was go into settings and invert the controls. If you are like us, we highly recommend you do the same before throwing your phone at a wall in frustration.

Other than this small minor hiccup we experienced at the start, our experience with Row Row has been pretty good overall – except for those times we got stuck right before the finish line…

At least the game is level-based so you won’t get thrown in at the deep end from the start.

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