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Pre-register for Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up and receive an Exclusive Reward 

Smash, Crash, and Get Your Underwear Back!

“[Rocky Rampage] will see players destroying everything they can in their path.” – Pocket Gamer 

Jakarta, 15 Jan 2020Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up, a mobile arcade game where you launch, roll, and destroy is now open for pre-registration! Join now and earn a free exclusive reward when the game launches!

Follow the Rock Kingdom’s Most Fashionable Champion, purple caped hero Boulder Cobblestone, as he goes on a relentless rampage. Crush the thieving Empress Clipper and retrieve your unique collection of Wonderpants! 

In this exhilarating one-tap game, you will:

  • Launch your champion with a perfectly timed slam from a frisky warthog 
  • Smash and plow through hordes of enemies at ridiculous speeds
  • Crash through walls and storm the ramparts
  • Hijack special enemies and ride them to victory
  • Collect and upgrade Wonderpants to boost your booty 
  • Unleash your wrath and become an unstoppable wrecking ball of destruction

Try Rocky Rampage with Google Play Instant Apps now, and pre-order on Android or iOS to start wrecking and rolling as soon as the full game launches. 

Players who pre-order or pre-register now will begin their rampaging adventure with a free [Chest Upgrade], which boosts rewards obtained from chests permanently!

Are you ready to rumble? Pantastic rewards and a rollicking adventure awaits! 

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