Perfect Ironing – How is this even a game!? 😂

Perfect Ironing (by Playgendary) is one of those games you definitely don’t want your parents to catch you playing. Why? Because it is basically gamified housework! 😂

Perfect Ironing is a game about ironing stuff like shirts, pants, skirts, underwear, etc. for money and cute new irons. If this sounds a little boring and stupid, congratulations because you’re actually right!

During our time playing this game, somewhere deep down we were constantly expecting something really weird to show up. Like a spacesuit or a dinosaur costume, but no, the things you will be required to iron in this game are actually all pretty normal – if not a little embarrassing.

I don’t know, but perhaps for kids who have never had the opportunity to iron their own clothes this game is super satisfying? We really don’t know. 😂

One thing we do know for certain though is that Perfect Ironing is a super high-quality mobile game about what 99% of adults in the world call housework. And we find the fact that this game even exists hilarious! 😂

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