Loot Goblin Review – The king of simplicity! But is it too simple?

Loot Goblin (by Gemtoken Games) is a very simple game. As you can probably tell from the title, this game isn’t exactly difficult to get used to.

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to slingshot your goblin around a small-ish chunk of dungeon littered with loot, your mission in this game is to collect as much loot (and avoid as many armed guards as possible) before time runs out. Pretty simple if you ask me.

The game features a total of 4 different powerups (such as a magnet to attract loot, a shield to protect your goblin from guards, etc.) that can be collected while playing the game. Funnily enough, these powerups can be powered up further using the loot you collect while playing the game, making it even easier for you to collect loot and the cycle repeats.

You can also spend your hard-earned gold on upgrades to your goblin’s outer appearance and natural abilities but we chose to focus more on powerups for the long term. 📈

Although we would normally say, simplicity is the key to creating a great game, Loot Goblin, as it stands, could actually be a little too simple so we look forward to seeing what the developers choose to add to the game in future updates.

It’s not every day that we stumble upon a game that is so simple and easy to play that it actually leaves you wanting more, so we can definitely say Loot Goblin is off to a great start!

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