OnPipe Review: A satisfying game with colorful soup

Are you one of those humans who finds it easy to just sit and absorb a 10 minute long “satisfying video” on YouTube? If so, perhaps you should just skip the game we are featuring today… 😅

OnPipe by SayGames & Playstorm is a somewhat satisfying game about husking a pipe in order to create colorful soup you can sell for coins. Simple hey?

Played by touching on the screen of your device in order to shrink a ring around a neverending white tube, your mission in this game is to skillfully tap on the screen of your device in order to husk blocks that look an awful lot like corn off the tube at the center of your screen.

After husking enough corn to fill a cup, the pureed corn is added to a bowl and the process repeats itself until you have a full bowl which can be sold for coins.

The coins you collect can be used to purchase new ingredients which don’t seem to increase the overall value of the soup you are making? Very interesting considering some ingredients cost so much more than others…

For anyone in need of a new game for your iOS or Android device that is perfect for those times in which you just want to zone out, OnPipe is the perfect game for the job. Not only is somewhat satisfying, but it also requires very little skill in order to learn and play.

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