Our interview with Q-Games the developers of Sticky Bodies

Here we are, back with another developer interview! This time with Q-Games the creator of Sticky Bodies. Before we start we’d like to thank the Q-Games Team for participating in our interview and for answering all of our geeky questions! Thanks!

The Interview

/// Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about Sticky Bodies! Could you kick-start this interview by telling us a little about your studio, yourself, and what drew you into the gaming industry?

Hi! I’m Mark Lentz, the PR, Community Manager, and Sound Designer at Q-Games. We are an independent game studio founded in 2003 and based in Kyoto, Japan. Oh and my band Nice Legs also happened to score Sticky Bodies. That kinda rules!

I think a lot of us are drawn to the games industry because of the sense of community that is behind it. I can go to any event around the world and be assured that there are going to be lovely, amazing people in every corner.

/// Ok, let’s start talking about Sticky Bodies. What are the highlights of your latest release?

WOAH. The highlight is knowing so many cool people like the game! I can’t believe how many have come out of the woodwork to play this bad boy. I’m really proud of the whole team for knocking it out of the park with a strong unified vision!

/// What was the core idea or inspiration behind Sticky Bodies? And perhaps more importantly, where do you find inspiration for your games in general?

Sticky Bodies was born in a game jam. It came from a simple idea to slam fools together to get points. It just so happened that our boss Dylan Cuthbert thought it was a righteous idea. Since he is of the British persuasion, he wanted to put a vintage UK feel to it. It certainly looks silly as heck.

/// How long was Sticky Bodies in development for? And are there any interesting and/or exciting moments or experiences you would like to share with us from that time?

Since we started Sticky Bodies as a game jam, it has been on-again/off-again on production until we made a solid awesome team to smash it out of the park. One of the more exciting moments of Sticky Bodies has been being able to show the game at different conventions. We showed it in Busan, Korea, and Kyoto, Japan and had thousands of people play the game. It was crazy to see so many smiling faces!

Also, the game has over 220 voice clips in it from a ton of people around our office. I’m really happy to have been able to record those people and get the right and silly sounds out of them!

/// What software, developer-tools, or black-magic(?) did you use when making Sticky Bodies? Is there anything you would like to share with the developers who read Edamame Reviews?

Like a lot of games, Sticky Bodies was made in Unity. It was a real joy to dig deep into it and make the game exactly what we wanted.

As for the music and voice acting, we used the Bitwig digital audio workstation. That made our lives so much easier! I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy using that software.

/// Is there any secret “developer-advice” you can give our lucky players who read this interview?

I didn’t finish university. I went off and started a band instead. All the while I was constantly learning more and more software to better help my band out. It just so happens that those skills can easily be transferable to the video game industry. So, my advice is to do whatever it takes because one day you will find the exact thing you are looking for. Also, be in a band! That rules.

/// What can we expect to see in Sticky Bodies or from Q-Games Ltd. in the not so distant future? What do we have to look forward to next?

OH NO! I can’t give away too many secrets! I will say that we have our PixelJunk Monsters coming to iOS and Android. This game rips! It is so much freaking fun and definitely worth checking out when we drop this bad boy!

/// Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to our awesome team of Writers, Developers, and Supporters who keep Edamame Reviews up and running?

You rule. Keep doing this because you make the world a better place. I also want to say, go eat some damn good pizza. You won’t regret it! Hell, I want some pizza now too.🍕

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