Sticky Bodies Review: Doesn’t make sense, but is funny!

Have you ever had the strange urge to take up skydiving? Personally, jumping out of an airplane is something I would rather not try, but somehow even that seems to make more sense than Sticky Bodies by Q-Games.

Sticky Bodies is a nonsensical work of art featuring strangely artistic visuals, simple touch controls, and receipts that actually got printed out and handed to you at BitSummit 2018.

Starting out with a single falling human way up in the sky, your mission in this game is to bump into other falling people in order to create a long sticky string of falling people who ultimately get swallowed up by a massive open-mouthed guy who eats you.

Why? We have no idea…

For anyone intrigued enough to want to gove this rather crazy game a try, the controls are super simple and easy to get used to. Simple touch and drag on the screen of your device in order to “sort-of” control the direction in which your player falls.

The speed at which your player moves toward the direction indicated by your finger is rather terrible, which makes speedy maneuvers virtually impossible – not that you will actually need to make any quick moves.

Although the idea behind the game is funny (and is great for posting videos on social media) sadly the magic of watching people get swallowed up by a massive middle-aged man is rather short-lived. Sadly for Q-Games, we really wonder just how long this game will “stay installed” on most player’s phones.

Unless you absolutely love the art style this game features, Sticky Bodies is one of those games you’ll want to play at least once in your life, but maybe once is enough. 

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