Cool Goal! Review: Come on! Even PUBG gives you free underwear…

Were you the type of guy or girl who obsessed over the angle at which you fired your tiny pixelated characters in Angry Birds back when that game wasn’t a terrible movie?

Cool Goal! by Harmonybit is a game about shooting goals using essentially the exact same touch and drag mechanic + the low poly dancing 3D people you see in almost every game lately.

Set on an ever-changing 3D soccer field, your mission in this game is simple. Shoot goals without getting blocked by any of the many obstacles and defenders who defend their precious goal at all costs – ok not entirely true.

Unlike some more serious soccer games, Cool Goal! is more relaxed in that the defenders in this game can often be found dancing around a campfire on the beach which just so happens to sit directly between you and the goal. Whether or not these defenders are actually protecting their goal or just enjoying a fun vacation is a mystery we will likely never know the answer to.

With a bunch of different characters for you to unlock, a lot of which seem to be heavily influenced by pop culture, you’ll have a bit to collect assuming you are the collecting type.

One strange-ish thing we noticed was that the 3 characters you are currently given by default are (1) a uniformed soccer player (2) a seemingly naked man (3) a seemingly naked woman. …why…?

Perhaps Harmonybit was going for a PUBG-like experience, forcing naked players to shoot goals in order to earn cloths? Who knows? But at least PUBG gives you free underwear! 😂

Hopefully, this is a bug and will be fixed soon as the game is currently within the top 10 free games on iOS.

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