Zipline 3D Review: The worst kind of guy at a theme park…

Have you ever slid down a zipline at a theme park or bush adventure summer camp? If you have, you are probably already well aware that ziplines are fun, scary, and somewhat dangerous depending on “who else” you happen to be with. Today we’ve got a game where you basically play as that crazy uncontrollable kid nobody but the internet likes…

Set on a massive floating zipline floating over clear blue waters, Zipline 3D is a game about starting at the very end of a zipline (after all of your friends have already gone), and somehow managing to reach the end of the zipline before any of your “friends” make it to the end. 😅😂

I know, it is terrible…

Played by tapping and holding on the screen of your device in order to move, and releasing in order to stop, Zipline 3D is a game about speedily sliding down a 3D zipline and taking out any people who happen to be traveling too slowly.

As you progress through the game, you will sometimes find segments of the line that are colored red or yellow. While your player is passing over the red, you will need to release your finger or else risk falling off the zipline and GAME OVER. The yellow, on the other hand, is a boost meaning you will want to tap as soon as possible in order to get the biggest boost in speed.

Overall the game is enjoyable but rather repetitive. With no unlockable anything (just ads to keep you company) this game is going to need some updates if it is to retain players for much longer than a few hours.

Even so, it is definitely a lot of fun while it lasts. 😆

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