Tire Some! Review: Changing a car tire has never been harder

Have you ever had the “pleasure” of having to stop your minivan on the side of the road, get out into the blistering summer heat, and change a flat tire? In case you weren’t aware, it is horrible.

As if more people need to experience the “joys” of changing a flat tire, Tire Some! by Harmonybit is a game that attempts to communicate the sort of frustration you will experience using a minimalistic low poly design and obstacles that “just sometimes” actually feel impossible to avoid.

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to steer your tire left and right, your mission in this game is to steer your spare tire past many lovely obstacles as you slowly make your way to your car waiting at the end of each level.

It seems as though the levels are procedurally generated in a way that is meant to make the game increasingly more difficult as you progress from one level to the next.

Although the controls are simple and the gameplay is relatively straightforward, some of the obstacles are kind of impossible. For players who actually try this game, there is one type of obstacle that suddenly rains down on you from above crushing whatever is beneath it.

This obstacle is not visible when you are directly below it, meaning that you are relying on your memory in order to not get hit. 😭

With no unlockable skins and a limited number of obstacles, the game quickly becomes kind of repetitive – not the type of game you would want to play for a long time. More obstacles in a future update would definitely make Tire Some! much more enjoyable.

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