Bikes Hill Review – Dune is back! Now in 3D and with Bikes!

Bikes Hill by Voodoo & Chain Reaction is a game that carries a lot of what made Voodoo into one of the top publishers on mobile.

Featuring many of the same features as their first-ever mega-hit game Dune which is also obviously by Voodoo, this game is going to bring back memories…

For players who have already played Dune, Bikes Hill feels like a new and slightly improved version of Dune set in a 3D world with bikes and a definitive end. Unlike Dune which kind of went on forever…

If you enjoy playing bike games like Bike Rush by Ketchapp, Bikes Hill features a similar sort of modarn 3D asthetic we expect most players will really enjoy.

For players who haven’t played Dune, Bikes Hill is all about timing and smoothness.

Set on a bumpy stretch of road your mission in this game is to tap and hold on the screen of your device in order to speed down hills and release in order to use the upward climb as a sort of jump you can use to speed up your bike.

Remember our review of Blast Valley? Because the concept is prettymuch the same. Just with bikes instead of guns. 😂

Bikes Hill quickly becomes somewhat insane as your back wheel catches fire and you boost above and beyond the clouds !

Our Gameplay Video 👇👇

At the end of all this crazy jumping (and bumpy stretch of road) is an open field (not unlike the ones used in spear-throwing events) you can use to measure your final distance.

You are awarded a given number of coins based on how far you managed to jump at the end of each game which is also how you progress from one level to the next. – i.e. Collect x number of coins in order to move on to the next level.

Overall we found the game to be pretty fun with some room for improvements we will likely see within the coming weeks. Voodoo seems to take the approach of publishing first and improving later.

At least it works, because didn’t even work when we first tried to review that game!

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