Flippy Pancake Review – Everyone is crazy in this game

Flippy Pancake (by Full Fat) is a game that really illustrates just how crazy “some” people can be when it comes to pancakes… The pancakes in this game are either really, really well made – or – iced with just a hint of cocaine… 😂

For anyone who enjoys playing those slingshot games that are all about balancing the power of your shots in order to land a perfect hit, this is one of those games.

Set in what we presume is a 3D kitchen of sorts, your mission in this game is to flip a pancake from one pan to the next like a sort of relay all the way to the end of the bench where a bunch of crazy looking people eagerly await.

Our Gameplay Video 👇👇

By far, the most laughable thing about this game is the expressions on the faces of the people who are eagerly awaiting the food you are “cooking”. Other than that, there really isn’t a lot that sets this game apart from the many other games based around essentially the same core game mechanic.

That having been said, the people in this game are so crazy, for a lot of players, this one addition alone may be enough to convince you to give Flippy Pancake a try.

With a well thought out difficulty curve, this game stays “playable” for a lot longer than some other games we have played recently which is a huge addition! Especially considering how many games start out impossibly hard to begin with in 2019.

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