Dune! by Voodoo – Fun… But a little disturbing…

Is it even fair for us to review this game?

Dune! by Voodoo is an incredibly popular game, which is part of the reason it took us so long to decide whether or not to put this article together…

For anyone who doesn’t know Dune! is a super smooth game that recently made its way up to the very top of the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores list of top free games. The gameplay is simple, fun, and consists of touching on the screen of your device in order to slide down sandy hills.

Other than having quite a few Ads – which is understandable, considering just how much Voodoo invests in advertising – the gameplay is solid and very enjoyable. A great game to have on your smartphone…

The only thing is, it looks just like Tiny Wings…

Voodoo is the first studio we’ve ever seen to build an empire of bestsellers within a period of 6-12 months, and we respect them for their success.

The games they produce are all high quality and very enjoyable, the only thing is, they all look like clones of other popular games we’ve seen before.

Personally, we rather the more original games they publish such as (check out our review) or Balls VS Blocks (check out our review) produced by Voodoo before they were one of the hottest new studios on the block.


All this being said, the games they produce are definitely some of the best on the market right now, (which is no doubt why they are so popular), and we respect them for their quality.

We just wish they used their elite skills to create cool, new and “original” games we feel excited to feature on our site.

Is Dune! a great game? “By all means YES!!” If you don’t mind having your game interrupted by a few Ads every so often, Dune! is a fast, fun, and simple game you’ll learn to play instantly and struggle to put down!

The only people who probably won’t enjoy this game are the original developers of Tiny Wings…