Blast Valley

If you owned an iOS device sometime during 2011 and 2013 there is an almost 100% chance you’ve at least heard of a game called Tiny Wings. Chance are you’ve either played it or potentially even owned it at some point in time… Blast Valley (by Voodoo) adds a little extra fire-power into the same simple concept…

As you probably already know, we didn’t exactly like Dune! (by Voodoo). Although it was popular, it lacked originality, which is sort of important…😅 Blast Valley is the complete opposite! Combining the kickback you experience when you fire a gun with the simplistic gameplay system and design of Dune!Blast Valley is an awesomely fun game we think (we’re not sure😜) is 100% original.

Played by skillfully firing a gun when the barrel is facing in the opposite direction to which you actually want to travel, Blast Valley is basically a game about shooting your way as far across a stage as possible using the limited number of bullets you are given.

Similarly to Baseball Boy! (by Monkeyfood and Voodoo) you are given coins based on how far you manage to blast your gun (800m = 800 coins) which can be used to purchase new upgrades for your gun including more bullets and an offline mode that continues to earn you coins even while the app is closed.

With a nice set of graphics, simple controls, and a few unlockable guns, this game is fun and enjoyable while on an airplane… where you have no internet connection…

Blast Valley features so many Ads, most players will probably find the game unbearable and give up, which is unfortunate because it is actually a fun little game to have on your iOS or Android device…

One review we read before we started writing our review (yes we do read user reviews) was: I want to like this game. However, I can’t because, despite everything about the actual game being fine, the amount of Ads ruins the experience. An Ad after every 5-second run or two? Are you serious?

The Conclusion

If you’re about to loos connection to the internet for a couple of hours, this game is great fun. As a game, we love playing Blast Valley, however, we must agree, Ads every 5-10 seconds is a little crazy…

If you really enjoy this game, we recommend just paying the few dollars required to disable Ads.

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