Bike Rush Review: Basically Flippy Race… But on land!

For anyone who has played and loves Flippy Race (by Ketchapp) which so happens to be one of the few games from Ketchapp we haven’t featured on Edamame Reviews, today you’re in for a treat because Bike Rush (by Ketchapp & Mempic) is basically just the exact same game – only now on land and improved drastically for players with terrible hand-eye coordination.

Set in the beautiful city streets of an unknown 3D word, your mission in this game is to speedily overtake 24 other riders and flip your way into the lead. Designed using the exact same visual aesthetic as Flippy Race, players who enjoyed that game should feel right at home playing Bike Rush on their iOS or Android device.

However, unfortunately for some, the controls in this game feel a little harder to get used to – which is weird considering they are essentially the same.

Played by touching and holding on the screen of your device in order to “Accelerate/Flip”, and releasing in order to “Stop/Stop-Flipping”, Bike Rush took us much longer to grasp the correct timing in which we should both “Touch and Release” which could be accounted for by the fact that the game doesn’t throw your player as high into the air, resulting in less time for the player to react.

Thankfully, unlike Flippy Race, even if you crash and die in Bike Rush your player will be revived and continue on in the race as though nothing happened. You can die multiple times and probably break multiple virtual bones as you figure out how to play this cool new game from Ketchapp.

If you enjoyed playing Flippy Race or are just the type of guy who enjoys watching virtual people suffer and get run over, Bike Rush is probably a game you’ll enjoy.

Check out our fail compilation above.

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3 replies on “Bike Rush Review: Basically Flippy Race… But on land!”

One addition I think you guys missed was the fact that you can eliminate enemies in Bike Rush. Last I time I played, you couldn’t knock out any of your opponents out in Flippy Race which made the game a lot harder.

You’re definitely right about knocking over opponents. I think we overlooked that in our initial review. Thanks for pointing that out.

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