Collect Cubes Review: A day in the life of a Pixel Bulldozer

If you didn’t consider “becoming a Bulldozer” at least once during your childhood, you really needed to watch more Bob the Builder as a 5-year-old.

For those players who have been deprived of the life they truly deserve, the life of a 25-ton monster of a machine capable of changing whole landscapes using nothing but brute force and diesel, Collect Cubes is a game you need to check out!

Set on a 3D stage made up of one glowing orange black hole-like “thing”, a pixelated picture or object made up of colored 3D blocks, and you – an orange-colored “U” shape you can use to push past most things on the screen, your mission in this game is to collect all the 3D blocks on the screen and bring them back to your orange colored black hole in order to clear the level.

And that’s actually about it… There “literally” isn’t a whole lot more to this game.

Played by touching and dragging anywhere on the screen of your device in order to move your “U” shape around, the game literally revolves around you clearing out the level for who knows what reason – the game doesn’t actually say.

With no time limit or even very many obstacles for you to avoid (although they do exist) the speed at which this game transforms from play to work is insane.

If you’re the type who can click away at a fidget cube for literally hours without feeling a thing, you will probably enjoy this game, but for those of us who need to have a purpose even within a casual game on our smartphones, this game probably won’t last long on your home screen.

Even the addition of the “timed” Bonus Levels may not be enough…

If you’ve just been told that fidget cubes have (finally) gone out of fashion and seriously were a form of terrorism for literally everyone within earshot of the “Satisfying clicky noises it makes❤️” perhaps it’s about time you looked into downloading Collect Cubes?

Although the game doesn’t exactly click, who knows? It could potentially save you from your colleagues who are secretly planning a… let’s end our review here, shall we…

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