Train Taxi Review: Fun, but nothing too new

Train Taxi (by SayGames & estoty) is a game most players who grew up in a generation where modern “smart-ish” phone gaming consisted of Snake will likely have no trouble playing. The concept is so similar, Voodoo actually made essentially the same game just with a snake instead of a train!

Set on a simplistic 3D map with a track for your train to zip around, Train Taxi is basically a game about figuring out the best order in which you should do things. Played by swiping on the screen or your device in order to control the direction in which your train turns at the many intersections you will find on each map, your mission in this game is to successfully pick up all of your passengers waiting on the map without crashing into yourself.

Being the only train on the map, the only obstacle you will need to avoid is yourself, which can actually get kind of tricky once you have 20 or so carriages tagging along behind you.

Based on how the map is laid out, there are some places in which you simply cannot enter if your train is too long, meaning you will need to collect those passengers before your train gets too long…

The concept is incredibly simple, but managing to hold back your impulse and actually think about each and every one of your moves can get a little tricky. Somehow this game feels more like a challenge to control one’s self-control than it is a game about picking people up 😅

The Conclusion

If you’re in for a new game that takes a little inspiration (actually more like a lot of inspiration) from a terrible game people actually used to play, this is the game for you.

Who knows? Train Taxi may remind you just how good it is to have a smartphone.

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