Gobble Dash – Snake Reborn! …well sort of…

For some, Snake may just be the very first “mobile game” you ever played. For kids who have no idea what we are talking about it, just think of it as the Dinosaur Game you can play on Chrome when your WiFi is dead…

Gobble Dash (by Voodoo) is basically just Snake redesigned with a slight twist for modern mobile devices. Set on a maze-like 3D stage, your mission in this game is to travel through every path possible (at least once) without accidentally eating yourself.

As you travel through each new path, your snake will eat little glowing pellets that must be very nutritious, because your snake will quickly grow longer and longer, making it harder and harder for you to move about the stage without accidentally eating your own body!

Each level is unique, and as you progress through the game, the number of paths you’ll need to pass through in order to clear the level gradually increase, making the game harder and harder to complete. Although we haven’t found any loops just yet, we do expect that the game will likely start recycling older levels at some point, since the levels don’t seem to be procedurally generated. Although you’ll probably have to clear quite a few levels before this starts happening.

With a simplistic 3D design, one of the cutest snakes we’ve seen in pretty much any game, and no time limit (this is actually really important for players that easily get flustered) Gobble Dash is yet another nice little game from Voodoo we really enjoyed.

If you have never had the pleasure of playing the original snake game on mobile try searching for it on Google! Google now offers it as a game you can play within the search results like a not so hidden easter egg. 😆

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