Total Party Kill – Get to the goal at any cost

If you’ve ever wondered why the heroes you see in movies and comic books always tend to try and save “everyone” at the expense of either “no one” or perhaps only themselves, that is probably because, in the real world, things don’t usually work out that nicely…

Total Party Kill (by Adventure Islands) is an incredibly morbid dungeon adventure game from the creators of Super Dangerous Dungeons, a game we reviewed here on Edamame Reviews many, many years ago. And yes, everyone dies in this game, although hopefully not all at once… 😅

Set in a series of challenging dungeon levels, your mission in this game is to use your party of 3 brave adventurers in order to make it to the end of the level with at least one survivor remaining. Yep, a 66.6% mortality rate is more than enough for these brave souls.

Played using a number of on-screen buttons in order to control your players, the game is played by skillfully switching between adventurers and using each of their unique skills in order to make it past deadly traps. For example…

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to press a switch on the other side of a spike fence, no problem, your knight can hit someone with his sword, knocking them past the spikes and onto the switch. (Obviously, the guy you hit does not survive but that’s ok) 🙂

As morbid as the game may sound, the puzzles you will be faced with in Total Party Kill are actually quite challanging, requiring you to really stop and think about the order in which you are going to sacrifice your characters.

After playing through a few levels, one thing we can say for certain is that this game requires quite a bit of thought and in some cases (most cases) at least one casualty… If you get stuck, stop and think about how the level is laid out and what characters you will need to make it past the final obstacle, that way you can quite easily work out who is expendable from the start.

Assuming you’re not the type who gets overly attached to the characters you play as in a video game, Total Party Kill is a game both fans of the retro look, as well as puzzle fans with nothing to do in self isolation will likely really enjoy!

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