Shootin’ A Round Review: What it feels like to fight a screensaver!

Shootin’ A Round by Tiempo Libre is a slow-paced shooter game for Android that looks super simple and easy to play until the very moment you pick up your smartphone to give it a try for yourself. Yep Shootin’ A Round is one of “those” games…

But before we get into the gameplay, we have a question?

Is there a person alive on the internet who has not, at some point in their digital life, come across this beautiful meme?

Shootin’ A Round is the first game we have ever played that can be accurately described as what it would probably feel like to fight a screensaver. 😂 Set on a small-ish rectangular play area, your mission in this game is to shoot enemies that bounce around the screen, not unlike the legendary DVD screen saver we all know and love.

Played by touching and dragging on your one-eyed player in order to move him? her? (I don’t think we know), around the screen of your device, Shootin’ A Round is played using a combination of tap and drag controls in order to both shoot and move around.

The standard gameplay is segmented into waves that gradually increase in difficulty as you progress from one wave to the next, and end in epic boss battles that are way harder than we were anticipating!

Like most shooter games, 1 in every 3-4 enemies you destroy will drop a powerup that can be collected in order to change your bullets, replenish your player’s health, increase your player’s movement speed, or charge your guns which use energy each time you shoot.

During our time playing the game, we experienced no real glitches or bugs, however, we were confused by one thing. It seems you can also control your player by (1) Tapping on your player (2) Tapping on the position you would like to move to.

Although this feature could be useful when playing the game single-handed maybe(?) we found ourselves accidentally triggering it which caused us to die more annoying deaths than we would honestly like to admit… Maybe a point for future improvement?

Other than this one weird hickup, Shootin’ A Round was a far more challenging and enjoyable game than we had anticipated, with a much higher skill requirement than we could have possibly imagined before playing the game.

(We almost forgot) For players who need more of a challenge, Shootin’ A Round also features a “Survival Mode” which is basically designed to kill you. If you are somehow skilled enough to find the standard gameplay mode in Shootin’ A Round too easy, this is the mode for you… 😂

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