Taxi Rush Review – Broken at so many levels…

Taxi Rush (by Voodoo & Funky Tap) isn’t a great game. From a technical perspective, the game lacks polish meaning it doesn’t look or feel anywhere near as premium as most other games from Voodoo.

… Likely the reason why you didn’t know this game even existed. 😅

That having been said, Taxi Rush is by no means a game you should ignore if you enjoy playing fun games. In fact, we would almost go so far as to say un-polished games are often the funniest games to play for all the wrong reasons and Taxi Rush does not disappoint!

Set on a somewhat very-slapped-together looking 3D highway, Taxi Rush is all about picking up people on the sidewalk and taking them to where they want to go. Basically the definition of a taxi…

Wait, did we just help someone rob a bank… 😅

Where things get interesting though are the types of people you will be prompted to pick up. For instance, a girl in a bikini when there is clearly no ocean in sight!? Or a masked gunman who needs a lift to the bank??

See what we mean? These things would most probably be removed from the final game assuming the developers wanted to make Taxi Rush into a mainstream hit.

Not only this but the glitches… man are the glitches beautiful… 😂

Just don’t crash into me… Because you’ll regret it…

The entire back-side of your car is essentially invincible meaning anyone or anything that crashes into you from behind will explode! A useful feature to have in a game where the physics are also screwed.

In most mobile racing games that actually give you control over when and where to accelerate, releasing your finger from the screen of your device acts as a sort of brake, slowing your car down almost how you would expect in real life… not in Taxi Rush!

Releasing your finger off the screen of your device in Taxi Rush will instantaneously stop your car, regardless of wherever it happens to be at the time. This allows you to do crazy silly things such as smashing cars that are directly below you during a high-speed jump.

If you’re after the sort of game that is clean and polished, this is definitely not the game you are looking for. However, if you don’t mind wasting some of your time on a game that still feels like a prototype, Taxi Rush will probably make you laugh for all the wrong reasons.

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