Will It Shred – An idle shredding game for iOS and Android

Will It Shred? (by BoomBit) is a very interesting game. Based around throwing random household things – as well as some other stuff you probably don’t have lying around the house – into an industrial-grade shredding machine, your mission in this game is to shred stuff.

…and that’s about it… 😂

Yes, the game does have some ASMR elements to it, allowing you to relax to the sound of random things being shredded and crushed into pieces, but for the most part, Will It Shred is basically just an idle game for your iOS or Android device.

Starting players off with just a few items to shred, the game allows players to gradually unlock new cooler things to shred and destroy using the coins you collect each time you successfully shred an object.

One slightly annoying thing we did notice when playing the game was how players are limited to shredding just one object at a time, and the objects you are given to shred are randomized meaning you pretty much have to shred what you are given.

The reason this last one is so annoying is that each item you shred gives you a different amount of coins. Although this isn’t such a big deal at the start, once you have unlocked an item that gives you 2,000 coins per shred and an item that only gives you 200 coins, you’ll obviously be wanting to shred the first one more often…

As far as we are aware, Will It Shred gives players no control over which items to shred or not to shred, making this game a true idle game with little to no strategy involved in the core gameplay.

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