Slap Kings – A game we never expected to see on mobile… 😅

Slap Kings (by Lion Studios & Gameguru) is a game we kind of never expected wound actually become a thing. Based on the real-life Russian sport(?) Slap Fight, your mission in this game is to slap your opponent unconscious before they knock you out cold. Pretty simple.

The game is turn-based, meaning you will need to take a hit before you are given a chance to return the favour, which is why you will really want to make each hit count which can be a lot harder than you think – depending on what type of games you are used to playing.

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to slap your opponent, the timing at which you tap is crucial in order for you to win this game.

Above your opponent’s head is a slider that must be stopped as close to dead centre as possible in order to deliver the greatest hit to your opponent. If you’re used to playing these types of games, the slider in Slap Kings isn’t exactly the fastest thing in the world, meaning you shouldn’t have trouble delivering slaps close to your player’s maximum power.

Like most mobile games, Slap Kings gives you coins each time you clear a level which can be used to either upgrade your player’s health or power.

In our experience playing so far, we found a fairly unbalanced set up of power over health to be quite effective when battling, however, you will ultimately need to pick a build to suit your style of gameplay.

Although the game is fairly normal, we are still somewhat surprised this game even exists based on the controversy the Russian Slap Fight had with Logan Paul last year.

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