#ADDICTIVE Action Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation Review: Eat, Fight, and grow bigger than everyone else!! (by Voodoo) is a game about eating sugary sweets that rain down upon you from the Gods above (probably the food us humans carelessly drop) in order to grow bigger and stronger than any of the other bugs competing with you for food. 💪

In bug world, would be less of a game and more about reality if it weren’t for the fact that you aren’t fighting for a mate or anything else like that, you are simply fighting so that you get to eat more doughnuts… yeah… 🍩

Gameplay Video 👇👇

For anyone who enjoyed and/or the game mechanics in could almost be considered a cross between these two different types of (.io) games so we expect there will be a lot of players who find this game feels familiar yet new at the same time.

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