Review Review: Eat, Fight, and grow bigger than everyone else!! by Voodoo is a game about eating sugary sweets that rain down upon you from the Gods above in order to grow bigger and stronger than any of the other bugs competing against you. 💪

If you’re a messy eater, this is where the food you drop goes!

For any literal bugs reading this review, is probably less of a game and more just a re-creation of day to day life. For these raders we reccomend checking out our review of by Voodoo and Honikou Games instead. 😂

Since the bugs in this game aren’t fighting for a mate or anything, is literally a game about fighting over who get to eat more doughnuts… yep… 🍩

Gameplay Video 👇👇

For anyone who enjoyed and/or the game mechanics in could almost be considered a cross between these two different types of (.io) games so we expect there will be a lot of players who find this game feels familiar yet new at the same time.

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