Outbreak Dead Crisis Review: Excellent until you hit Stage 7

Do you enjoy fighting hordes of zombies from the safety of your living room? If so, today we would like to share Outbreak Dead Crisis (by Triple Fry Games) a brand new zombie shooter game for Android that is really quite awesome – until you hit “Stage 7” that is…

Set in a post-zombie apocalypse society where it is quite normal to find hoards of zombies chilling in a run-down slum, your mission in this game is to kill zombies – or as your guide puts it, to try and not die.

For the most part, the game makes carrying out this mission (whichever way you would like to put it) fairly easy. With half your screen dedicated to aiming via touch and drag controls and the other half dedicated to shooting, punching, etc. via a few on-screen buttons, Outbreak Dead Crisis is designed to be intuitive and we love it!

Instead of giving players full control over player movement (i.e. location) you are instead given a few set locations your player can run to by simply pressing on a button whenever things start to get a little overcrowded. This allows you to focus 100% of your attention on shooting zombies which is great!

One more thing we absolutely love about Outbreak Dead Crisis is the auto-loading guns. We have all been in that situation where you go to take a shot only to realize that you forgot to reload your shotgun before switching to your assault rifle which means both guns need reloading and your player is dying. AAAH!!! The Frustration!

Outbreak Dead Crisis prevents this from happening by auto re-loading the guns you aren’t using so that they will be ready as soon as you switch over to them. This is incredibly convenient and actually creates a slight loophole where you can essentially speed up load times by simply swapping to another gun.

Speaking of guns, your weapons can be easily upgraded to hold more bullets, deal more damage, etc. using the money you collect at the end of each battle. Making the game easier until you hit that dreaded Stage 7.

This is probably a bug and will hopefully be fixed sometime within the not so distant future, however as it stands, Stage 7 is pretty much impossible. For anyone who knows a thing or two about game development, you may be aware of a thing known as a difficulty curve which is essentially the speed at which a game increases in difficulty.

Up until Stage 7, Outbreak Dead Crisis’s difficulty curve is pretty good with levels that are challenging yet easily playable assuming you are playing the game seriously.

Once you hit Stage 7, you are shown an alert warning you that the zombies in this stage will be “MAX THREAT” which essentially means the stage is impossible for new players with beginner weapons. Thankfully you are given two options to tame the level down a bit by either watching an AD or paying a Threat Coin which we still aren’t fully sure how to obtain.

Either way, the game does not seem to register the that we did in fact watch an AD (twice) in an attempt to move on to the next stage, making Stage 7 an impossible barricade for players who enjoy playing the game. …hopefully, this problem will be fixed soon…

Lastly, as a content creator, blood and gore can sometimes be the difference between a game we can feature and a game we cannot. As it stands, Outbreak Dead Crisis does not offer an option to disable gore which would definitely be a useful option to have for a very select audience such as ourselves.

Overall, for a game that is still in early access, Outbreak Dead Crisis is an excellent game and we look forward to seeing how it is developed over time.

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