Review Basically a Japanese gameshow 😂 (by 8SEC Games) is a game that turns casual trivia into a hyper-modern Japanese gameshow-like experience you really need to check out.

Set on a 3D stage surrounded by water, your mission in this game is to bet on the answers to simple trivia questions by tapping and holding on different answers in order to move X number of people onto that platform. Coins are given to you based on how many people you have on the right answer platform (e.g. 10 players x 5 coins = 50 coins)

This simple yet very new gameplay mechanic not only makes the game look like a Japanese game show when you make a mistake, but it also gives you the option to bet on multiple different answers. If you aren’t sure about a particular question, you always have the option of playing it safe and betting half your squad on a different answer.

After playing through a few levels we can safely say that the questions in – although not all easy, are definitely manageable – especially if you are young.

Overall, most of the questions we’ve been faced with so far are either about brands, apps, movies, and general trivia. So if you’re a young person living in 2020 you shouldn’t have a hard time answering most of the questions.

In case you were wondering, there doesn’t seem to be a time limit as to how long you can puzzle over a single question, so if push comes to shove, you can also call up your friend Google for a hand.

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