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Bikes Hill Review – Dune is back! Now in 3D and with Bikes!

Bikes Hill (by Voodoo & Chain Reaction) is a game that carries a lot of what made Voodoo into one of the top publishers on mobile. Featuring many of the same features as their first-ever mega-hit game Dune – this is a game that brings back memories. For players who have already played Dune. Bikes […]

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Gang Clash Review – If Crowd City was a fighter game

Gang Clash (by IEC Global) is a game that should look really familiar in a lot of ways assuming you play games on your iOS or Android device. So much so, that there is pretty much nothing new or original to actually see here… 😂 Starting with the graphics, Gang Clash looks like a pretty nice […]

#ADDICTIVE Action Adventure Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation

Traffic Jump! Review – A game you don’t want to play in VR

Traffic Jump (by h8games) is a simple game for iPhones you’ve probably never heard of – which is basically why we are telling you about it. From the creator of the mega-hit game Helix Jump which was later published by Voodoo, Traffic Jump is basically that killer iPhone game you didn’t know about. Set on […]

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Human Tower Review – Wait, What!? This game isn’t hard!?

Human Tower (by Voodoo & is one of those games that is actually surprisingly easy to play. Although at first sight, the game looks like yet another one of those tricky balance games, in reality, it is actually pretty much a clicker game! Set literally “Upon the shoulders of those who came before you”, […]

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Run Jump 3D Review – Hmm… is definetly better…

Run Jump 3D: Endless Running Game (by Playpal) is a game that, according to our interview with the Playpal team, is the prequel to the very cool fitness-oriented fighting game we featured roughly 2 weeks earlier. So, how does Run Jump 3D stack up to when it comes to gameplay? Well, it turns out […]

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Loot Goblin Review – The king of simplicity! But is it too simple?

Loot Goblin (by Gemtoken Games) is a very simple game. As you can probably tell from the title, this game isn’t exactly difficult to get used to. Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to slingshot your goblin around a small-ish chunk of dungeon littered with loot, your mission […]

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Air Hockey Championship Deluxe Review – a childhood dream come true

Akos Makovics has always shocked us with the amazingly beautiful games he and his small team manage to put together, but Air Hockey Championship Deluxe is kind of on another level. This game is basically a childhood dream come true! ❤ For anyone who has actually considered purchasing a full-sized air hockey table for their living […]

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Space Shooter Preview – A solid start for an amazing launch

Space Shooter (by North Art Games) is a brand new space shooter game that is scheduled for release on iOS and Android sometime within the not so distant future. Now, potentially for the first time in Edamame Reviews history, we not only got a chance to check out and share our impressions of the game […]

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Mario Kart Tour Review – Sometimes coming 1st just isn’t enough…

Mario Kart Tour (by Nintendo) is a great game, perhaps the best game we’ve ever seen from Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. However, it comes with a bit of a catch we weren’t exactly expecting so this is our in-depth(ish) review of Mario Kart Tour. Skipping past all the controls, unlockable characters, and gold […]

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Dothaus Review – A game about patience and timing…

Dothaus (by Badbones Productions) is a game about waiting for that perfect moment. Set on a 2D stage made up of what may be the world’s simplest obstacle course, Dothaus is basically a timing game designed to test your patience. Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to shoot your player […]

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Basketball Superstar Review: You’re 100% in control of everything!

Basketball Superstar (by Lazy Boy Developments) is a game that essentially puts you in control of a future NBA star, however not in the way you might expect. 🤔 You see, Basketball Superstar is the first basketball game we’ve ever seen where you as the player never actually touch a basketball. The entire game revolves […]

#WOW Action Adventure Android Arcade Family Featured Review Role-Playing Simulation Review – Keeping kids fit with video games (by playpal) isn’t your average fighting game. Set in the junk food-filled streets of New York City, your mission in this game is to fight off junk food like you would a zombie apocalypse with fists of fire and kicks of… of… lightning? ⚡️ I dunno. 😂 The game was developed with a strong […]

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Block Slide Review – A hyper simple puzzle game where luck is handy…

Block Slide (by JollyApps) is the latest, and probably the best, minimalistic casual game we’ve seen from JollyApps. The game is set on a minimalistic 3D stage, and it is your mission to push around gray cubes in order to eliminate cubes by creating rows of five. 💥 The game somewhat reminds us of Tetris […]

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Hamad & Sahar – A casual 2D platformer with so much cuteness!

Hamad & Sahar (by Space Crescent) is a casual 2D platformer game for iOS that really takes inspiration from some of the classics. Starting out in an Arabic neighborhood, the game is set in the fictional world of Arabian folktales. The game begins when an evil witch abducts your sister (or brother) depending on which […]

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Move Fever Review: This game came just a little too late…

Move Fever (by Mazari Games) isn’t a bad game, it’s just got an over-achieving competitor called Get In Shape by Ketchapp… 😅 Set on the stage of a low poly gameshow were messing up means getting shoved into a pool of water, Move Fever is all about changing the pose of your player in order to fit […]