Hexafun – Never underestimate your opponent…

Hexafun (by Hooked Play) is one of those games you could almost mistake for an “Easy” puzzle game aimed at young-ish children whose brains could use a “light workout” after 5 hours of unrestricted access to the darkest corners of YouTube…

To a degree, you would be correct in making this assumption. Hexafun is an amazing little game when it comes to exercising the brain – however, you know that thing about a light workout? …yeah, Hexafun is probably closer to Olympic Level Squad Training!

Played using a given number of hexagonal puzzle pieces, Hexafun is a game about fitting all the pieces you are given within a gridded shape in order to move on to the next level. Simple enough.

For anyone who was addicted to a game called Flow back in 2012 Hexafun has a similar sort of vibe and level structure. The game starts out super easy with only a few puzzle pieces you’ll soon find a place for – however as you progress through the game (or just get bored and move on to the next difficulty level), things get a whole lot harder really fast!!

Unlike some other puzzle games where you actually have to play through the easy levels before you can move on to something challenging, Hexafun allows players to jump right into the difficult stuff, and boy is it challenging!

For comparison, we were able to solve 6 “easy” level puzzles in roughly the same time it took us to solve 0 “expert” level puzzles. We probably spent a good 5-10 minutes puzzling over a single puzzle before we finally gave up and used one of our hints – which the game rewards you for clearing levels.

Although the game itself is excellent, it does fall short of quite a few competitors when it comes to graphics, so if we were to see one thing added within the next few updates, we would love to see a slightly more enamoring design + animations.

Other than that, there really isn’t a lot more you could ask for.

If your brain is in need of a workout, stop reading and download this game. You’ll be scratching your head in no time! 😂

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