Car Crash! – If only it was all just fun and games…

There are things you can no longer joke about in 2019 without expecting some rather severe backlash. Today we would like to share with you some of that backlash…

Much as watching ragdoll goats fly through the air after getting smacked in the face by a speeding car can be entertaining, it is only really funny for us humans because (a) we aren’t goats and (b) because most of the things that take place in “that game” never ever happen in real life – that’s essentially what makes it funny.

If someone were to make a game about speeding into a busy intersection and creating the biggest pile up of cars possible only to kill off any survivors by setting off the bomb you had lying in the back seat, that wouldn’t be funny. It would feel more like simulated terrorism, and yet, this is the game we are sharing with you today.

It actually exists, and you can watch the trailer for it below.

Car Crash! (Madbox) is the first game we have seen from this relatively well-respected studio that takes things just a little too far in our opinion. Based essentially on the situation described above, Car Crash! is entertaining and adds a comical touch to the game such as falling asteroids, satellites, blizzards and more.

Although the game definitely isn’t as much of a terrorist simulator as it potentially could have been, it also isn’t the sort of fun and carefree game we were used to seeing from the studio in past.

Madbox you’ve taken things a little too far this time.

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