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For anyone who uses TikTok for their daily dose of cringe-worthy content, you may have noticed an awesome new game called Touch the wall (by Romeo Nahon) that nobody seems to be able to download… WHAT!?

Set on a 3D stage sort of like a crazy Japanese game show, your mission in this game is to be the first player to make it to the end of the stage and tag the “spotter”, an NPC whose entire existence is to spot players who move after the lights turn red.

Played using pretty much the exact same system as a traffic light with no yellow light in between, the game is played by tapping and holding on the screen of your device in order to move while the count down timer is green, and stop when the light goes red.

Although the game plays like any other minimalistic avoider game, the look and feel of the graphics are much closer to something you could actually play in real life – which is a trend we have begun to notice more and more often in 2019.

Now, why the game is so hard to find…

For starters, Touch the wall currently isn’t available on Android which makes it impossible for a little over 50% of our readers to download. For the remaining players on iOS, the game currently doesn’t seem to be available in most countries so the best we can say is good luck.

We are ever receiving conflicting reports about the game being available/not available in the US store so the best thing you can do is tap the download button below and try your luck. Fingers crossed, it will work for you 🤞😅

Hopefully, the game will soon be available worldwide and on Android! Stay tuned for a more content featuring Touch the wall and potentially even a developer interview!

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