Archero – Are you lucky enough to win this game?

Much as some players like to believe that skills are everything, a lot of skill-based games still rely heavily on virtual dice rolls and essentially luck.

Archero (by Habby) is a fun new adventure game for iOS and Android that really takes the relying on luck aspect to a whole new level with a player that “could” end up becoming super overpowered, or only just capable of defeating the weakest of enemies in this game…

Sound unfair? Well it sort of is, so you’ll need all the luck you can get!

Set in an almost dungeon-like level system, your mission in this game is to skillfully avoid enemy attacks using a virtual joystick in order to move your player around the stage. The game is played from a top-down view position, making it easy to spot incoming enemy attacks – and shooting back is made super easy using an “auto attack system” that automatically targets and shoots at an enemy whenever you lift your finger off the screen of your device.

This does, however, mean that you also can’t avoid enemy attacks while shooting, so you’ll need to find your own balance of attacking and defending.

As your player levels up, you will be given 3 random new abilities to choose from which not only power up your player but build onto one another making your player way stronger. (So for instance, Burning Arrows + 3 Extra Arrows = 3 Burning Arrows per shot!)

Since the powerups you receive are 100% random, you’ll need to choose your powerups wisely, because that overpowered combo you accidentally created one time, you may never get it again. 😱

Using the coins you collect while playing the game, you can upgrade and power up your player, however, this will take a very long time since the upgrades definitely aren’t cheap, and don’t always do a lot.

If you’re in for a top-notch game where you literally have no idea what the next game holds Archero is actually a really nice game we highly recommend you check out.

The Conclusion

Although you run the risk of being left with a useless player that dies instantly, you also have the chance of building up an impossibly powerful monster of a thing that any rational game developer wouldn’t let you play as – it goes both ways, and if you don’t mind losing a few rounds, you’ll likely find this game really fun.

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