Color Hole 3D – If was a minimalistic game… (by Voodoo) was and still is a very popular game for iOS and Android, and as is the case with pretty much every popular game on mobile, other developers just can’t help but re-make them with their own “unique-ish” twist.

Color Hole 3D (by Good Job Games) is a game that looks and plays just like Set in a minimalistic 2 stage level system, Color Hole 3D is all about sucking up all the white objects on the stage while avoiding any pink objects at all costs – a mission that gets much harder as you progress through the game.

Whereas is a timed game that practically revolves around growing big, Color Hole 3D adds a “slight” layer of skill into the mix with a design that reminds us of some of the puzzles you often used to see in classic brain trainer games. That having been said, you won’t really need a lot of skill in order to clear 90% of the levels in this game.

Most of the time, the only real skill you will need is the ability to move your finger accurately enough not to accidentally suck up any pink objects. That’s about it.

Once you reach some of the higher levels in this game, you will be faced with some situations in which pink objects are stacked on top of white ones. These levels are harder, but still can be cleared quite easily by knocking over the stack and collecting the objects one by one.

If you’re after one of those games you can play in a sort of mindless trance when trying to kill time, Color Hole 3D is a game that will definitely get the job done! It just isn’t one of those games most players will find crazy addictive, say 2 months from now…

Depending on how much time you have to kill, Color Hole 3D is actually a better game than in some cases. The only sad thing that you will be giving up is the competitive aspect which is more important for some players than it is for others. 🤔

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