Strike Hit – Next Level Bowling For Mobile

Who can relate? “Have you ever suffered the consequences of using things that definitely shouldn’t have been used as Bowling Pins to play a game or two of Bowling?” …it can’t just be me who did this as a kid…? …can it?  🍷💥😱

Strike Hit (by IsCool Entertainment) is a game that takes bowling to the next level with tricky level designs, way too many pins, and things that explode.

Played by touching and dragging in order to both aim and build up power, Strike Hit is kind of one of the most straightforward games we’ve played in a really long time.

Each level is made up of 5 stages which must be completed in order to progress onto the next level. You are given roughly 5 tries to complete each level (not 2 like normal bowling) and the “tries” you have left over from any previous stages build up so you can sometimes be left with a tricky-ish level and like 20 shots to complete it in. 😂

At the end of each level, you are given an opportunity to collect diamonds which can be used to unlock new balls and that’s about it. Simple yet highly addictive.

For anyone who really enjoys over the top visual effects in the simple casual games they play on their smartphones, this is one of those games that not only looks insane, it actually is insane! 😂

Instead of smashing some of your Mum’s favorite wine glasses, why not download this game? The consequences of choosing the latter are much less… severe…

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