Pick Me Up™

Whoever thought that being an Uber Driver would eventually become a game!? In all honesty, we probably should have seen it coming. With all the success simulation games have had in recent times, it was really only a matter of time…

…but still, when the realization actually hits you, the impact is way bigger than it probably should be…

Pick Me Up™ (by tastypill & Hamba) is a game about picking people up and then dropping them off at their desired destination in exchange for a little bit of cash. Sound familiar?

Played by tapping and holding on the screen of your device in order to accelerate, and releasing in order to break, your mission in this game is to do what Tesla – as well as most other automobile manufacturers – have practically managed to automate in 2019 – i.e. slow down and not crash.

This is probably the first game we can deem “totally useless”, since the 9-year-olds playing this game may never actually have the opportunity to use their skills on the road… 😂

Anyway, as you progress through the game, you will be required to carry more people through increasingly busier intersections without crashing in order to make it to your destination(s) and complete the level.

Although the game doesn’t start out very hard, we can definitely see how it could become more difficult over time…

The Conclusion

With a distinctively Uber-like design, this is the perfect game for people who are afraid they are going to miss out on working as an Uber driver before IA fully take over the world’s motorways.

…which (come to think of it) may not be so much of a bad thing…

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