Trolley Trials – You probably don’t need this game…

At its core, the game we are featuring here today is stupid… So if you are a serious player who doesn’t enjoy anything short of “dead serious”, you may want to skip this article.

Trolley Trials (by YoMob lnternational) is kind of stupid… Set on a 3D obstacle course, your mission in this game is to use simple endless tapper game style power-ups in order to help your trolly riding maniac make it to the finish line before anyone else. That’s it…

If you’re a big fan of games that essentially play themselves, allowing you to focus some or even all of your attention on more important things going on in your life while still feeling that the satisfaction of playing a game – I know it may seem kind of pointless, but people are strange, and we do things like this – Trolley Trials may be the sort of game you’d like to check out.

For starters, it is stupid and hilarious. Who in their right mind would want to slide down a massive 3D obstacle course riding in an uncontrollable trolly? You would have to be nuts.😂

And to make things worse, you literally have no control over your trolly at all!

Every few seconds, you will be given the option to use 4 different boosters as such which can be used to push your trolly forward a little faster, or drop something down that will hopefully get in the way of your opponents.

If you were a developer, you could literally implement this feature into the infamous DVD screen saver that is used in way too many memes and call it a day! At its core, this is how mindless Trolley Trials actually is. Mindless nonsense you can download on your phone right now!

The Conclusion

Should you download this game? Probably not.
Will you download this game? Maybe… 🤣

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