Flip Dunk – Recreate YouTube’s greatest Slam Dunks

Are you one of those people who just love watching those viral epic trick shot videos on YouTube? Because if you are, today we’ve got a game you simply won’t want to miss.

Flip Dunk (by Voodoo & Tapped Studio) is a game with (a) way too many Ads, and (b) some of the coolest trick shots you’ll ever see – assuming you don’t fail… 😂

Set in pretty much every location you could ever dream of playing basketball, from someone’s backyard to a grocery store, and even ancient ruins you probably shouldn’t be touching, etc. Flip Dunk has no shortage of “unique places” or “equipment” for you to enjoy a quick game of basketball.

In most cases, the game will start out with your player (a fearless young girl who faceplants a lot) jumping onto a small trampoline. From there you will either be required to jump onto yet another trampoline, avoid obstacles or slam dunk the basketball you are single-handedly gripping in your left hand. The pattern is pretty much always the same, but the way in which you are required to execute the dunk using the things you are given is almost always different.

As you progress through the game, you will be required to perform more and more flips before each dunk in order to move on to the next level which is difficult yet definitely do-able.

Although playing this game feels great when you manage to successfully slam your basketball into the net after completing a triple backflip, you will also have to cringe your way through any failed attempts that (although not too graphic or grotesque) are plenty accurate enough for people with an overly active imagination. 😅😂

If it has always been your dream to jump off a cliff and perform an octa backflip into a slam dunk, this is the game that is going to help you re-think that crazy dream of yours…

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