Domino Dash – Satisfying when you get it right!

Domino Dash (by Christopher Sweeting) is basically an avoider game with dominoes that – when everything all works out – turns out the be one of the most satisfying combinations you could ever imagine! Set on a 3D obstacle course made of dominoes and moving parts, your mission in this game is to help a string of dominoes make it to the end of the level without getting stuck.

In real life, this game would be almost impossible to play since once you start a string of dominoes moving you can’t exactly stop it. Domino Dash makes this a little easier by allowing players to start and stop dominoes from falling by touching and releasing on the screen of your device ultimately turning this game into a very simple avoider game.

That having been said, if you’re anything like us, the most satisfying way to complete a level in Domino Dash is to complete the whole thing in a single run – which is where powerups come in very handy… 😂

By knocking over a given number of dominoes without stopping, you can trigger a sort of fever mode that allows you to smash through obstacles and make it to the goal often in a single run for that maximum hit of OCD satisfaction.

If you find dominoes in real-life annoying to set up, easy to mess up, but super satisfying when everything just works, Domino Dash is a game you are going to enjoy… Because it isn’t real life… 😂

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