Blocksbuster! – The fun of destroying stuff


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Just like you wouldn’t choose to name your newborn son or daughter Jar Jar Binks, most people don’t generally choose to name “something they actually care about” after an obvious loser – even if that loser could secretly be an evil sith overlord in hiding…

So when (VOODOO & h8games) chose to name their latest mega-hit game Blocksbuster!  – which looks incredibly similar to the failing video rental franchise “Blockbuster” we found this very funny. Please excuse our weird sense of humor. 😂

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Although we found the name very funny, it is also incredibly fitting since the game primarily focuses on sucking up blocks using a small black hole in the ground, not unlike another popular game from Voodoo, Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to move your black hole around, Blocksbuster! is all about gobbling up yellow blocks while avoiding black explosives at all costs.

In some rare cases, you can get away with accidentally swallowing an explosive, however, this only happens when the black explosive is swallowed up together the last few pieces on the stage. If there are any yellow cubes remaining on the stage when you swallow the bomb it’s an instant Game Over for you.

Unlike, and very much like Color Hole 3D (by Good Job Games), Blocksbuster! is a level based game meaning the game “should” gradually increase in difficulty as you progress.

Why we used the word “should” instead of “does” in the sentence above is because the game does get more challenging over time, but over-all stays somewhat the same once you’ve passed around level 100. This could very well be subject to change in future updates, but for the time being, Blocksbuster! is actually very relaxed when it comes to difficulty and you know what? We actually kind of like it!

With a very clean 3D design, likely way too many Ads (we had them disabled from the start), and 5 different skins for you to unlock, Blocksbuster! is one of those games you kind of feel really satisfied after playing, which is probably why it is so popular. 😆

The Conclusion

If you enjoy that strange sense of achievement you get after destroying something, this game will give you just that kick of high you so desperately need. 😂

Want to give Blocksbuster! a try? The download link is just below.📲
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